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I was born in Sri Lanka, immigrated to Canada on a large ship when I was three years old with my parents, Angela and Frederick, along with my sister Phaedra. I often reflect and cannot believe how adventurous my parents were to come to a country where they knew no one. We settled in Ontario where our family grew, adding another child, Desiree, to our family.

Being the eldest in an immigrant family, my life was not full of material wealth, but certainly full of love and nurturing. With my parent's strong work ethic, we became established in our community and prospered. We went on many family road trips and saw a lot of our great country Canada. Twice, as children, we went back to our home land Sri Lanka. My parents had a great influence in my life and were strong role models for me with my father being politically aware and my mother who was an incredible spiritual woman.

After school, I wanted to travel and see the world (I came by the adventurous side naturally...laughter) My travels began in Australia, where I discovered yoga and vegetarianism. As I continued to travel thru South East Asia, I began my hands on education in Eastern spirituality, Buddhism, Hinduism, meditation and yoga. Travelling soon became a great passion for me and when I would return home, I would yearn to travel again. That was the beginning of 15 years of working hard and saving for my yearly trips.

Shambhala Clothing Co.

At 24 I met Saul in Mexico who became the father of my children. We continued the journey of spirituality, travelling faithfully yearly and visited many mystical foreign lands. I was 30 years old when we married, and settled in Vernon BC. to raise our children. When our first daughter Atisha was a year old we opened an export/import store named Shambhala Clothing in downtown Vernon. It was a very successful business, which enabled us to have much flexibility in our lives. Our second daughter, Jahnaya, was born three years later. This choice enabled us to bring the girls to Shambhala during the day. This provided us with a great quality of life for our family and I have very fond memories of these times.

The path to inner happiness lay in more holidays.
Dalai Lama

During the many years of operating Shambhala Clothing, I often helped young folks in their continuing education plans, travel plans and aspirations The Downtown Vernon Association began a Youth Mural Project and I thought this was an opportunity to make a difference in these young peoples lives I applied for the job and became the Project Facilitator for two years. It was a very inspiring time for me and my career. I discovered a great passion and purpose, with many successes working with the young members of our community.

Life changed, we worked more and worked hard. We forgot about our spiritual practice. Saul and myself grew apart which eventually led to a separation. We had been married for 15 years at this point. Our children were always our priority and we were able to have a healthy relationship sharing the girls pretty much equally. For the first time in many years I found that I now had time on my hands (with my girls staying with their father) so I completed the intensive training at Crisis Line and began volunteering weekly. Through my volunteer work I recognized my deep desire to assist people in need.

Sharon and Henry - most southern point of South Asia

During this time, I met a wonderful new man, Henry. Henry's gifts to the universe are so many and great. An accomplished singer, songwriter, musician, his creative energy lifted my spirits. We sought spirituality in and around our small town, Vernon. We discovered a wonderful Buddhist Monastery in Kamloops and began to visit it regularly. This time in my life was like a breath of fresh air. After three years of being in relationship we bought a house together which we call Casa Oasis.

Sharon, Atisha & Jahnaya playing

Still missing my own children deeply, I felt compelled to get involved further with children in need which began my research into fostering. In the first year Henry, my daughters and I lived together we began fostering. Caring for children whose family, for a variety of reasons, were unable to provide them with quality care. I found this very challenging and demanding at times, but above all it is enriching and rewarding. I truly love and am very dedicated to the fostering aspect of my life.

Henry and Jahnaya with the children

After 11 years of success with Shambhala Clothing, Saul and I decided to sell the business. I was ready to take a new step in my life and had to do some real soul searching to find a new career that filled my life's passion and purpose. My path in life up until this point had centered around helping people and I was led to Life Coaching. I began researching and discovered 'The Art & Science of Coaching' through Erickson College in Vancouver BC. The program was taught by Marilyn Atkinson Ph.D. who is an internationally acclaimed coach trainer and founder of the college. Dr. Atikinson conducts coaching programs throughout Europe, Russia, Australia, North America, and dedicates herself to developing them around the world. Upon completion of this program, I then proceeded to complete the International Coaching Federation program.

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.
Dalai Lama

Now years later, Henry and I have worked hard to make our home comfortable and beautiful. We have loved 12 foster children who we have helped grow, heal and move on to the next stages of their journeys. We have created a very special cozy home where children, youth, community, clients, family, and friends all feel welcomed. We are honoured to share our space with those who yearn to grow and learn.